There’s lots of reasons to feel pressure and stress right now, uncertainty can invite these feelings in. Are your loved ones safe? When will you / your partner be back at work? Do you have enough money to pay the mortgage or other commitments and what are the consequences of rescheduling? Are your children learning at the moment? Is your home / bubble where you want to be?
When feeling stressed, it’s important to bring yourself back to the present moment. Often when we’re stressed we’re living in the future – what will happen? Will things be ok? Is there a disaster around the corner?
We’re much better able to cope with the future once we’ve centred ourselves. Grounding techniques are great ways to centre.
Here are a few of my favourite ways to ground:
– walk on grass in bare feet
– get out in nature, feel the wind in my hair, breathe in the fresh air
– take 10 deep belly breaths
– do some yoga
– focus on the senses: what are 5 things to feel (texture)? 5 things to hear? 5 things to see?
– meditation
– starting from my head, feel each place in my body where it touches where I’m sitting or lying and notice how each part of my body feels, all the way down to my feet, on the chair or bed, feeling supported
– visualise a beautiful relaxing spot, with many inviting details including being there.
What works for you?