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Move quickly and easily on from what’s restricting you to a life of more freedom and joy

Rapid Transformational Therapist: Wellington, Kapiti and online

Gabrielle Meech hypnotherapist

My approach

RTT therapist

Rapid Transformational Therapy

I’ll help you to relax and slow your brainwaves so it’s easy to speak with your subconscious and see what’s underlying your behaviour. Using this award winning and internationally acclaimed method of therapy, you’ll quickly make the significant changes you want.

Compassionate & Non-Judgmental

Together we’ll discover what thoughts and beliefs lie beneath your behaviour. Everyone has experienced some level of trauma in that they weren’t able to cope with something when it arose and this leaves an imprint on our subconscious that can direct our behaviour. We can release old imprints and move towards the You that you’ve always known you can be.



Take back control of your life and how you’re showing up. Once we’ve discovered and let go of past limiting beliefs I’ll make a recording for you based on how you want to be, making this familiar so it rewires your brain and it’s easy for you to make changes.


As soon as I sat down with Gabrielle for my session I felt safe and relaxed with her, her energy is powerful and she’s incredibly intuitive. She immediately guided me to what I needed to release and it was a powerful release. I’ve felt much more connected and free since our session. Highly recommend!


Executive Life Coach

Thank you so much for the pain relief your hypnotherapy gave me. I am back to enjoying my life again and your recording is a wonderful gift that keeps giving.


General Manager at MSD

“Wow, I loved working with Gabrielle! I had so many incredible realisations during our session that I have felt a powerful shift in my life in general… I haven’t bitten my nails once since our session… I am also feeling calmer, more grounded and generally more relaxed in stressful situations.


Body Confidence Coach

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy®?

RTT therapist
Everyone has limiting beliefs that we established from childhood and key life experiences, some of which we haven’t yet been able to move fully past. Often we’re not aware of these beliefs, we just see ourselves acting small or repeating behaviours that don’t serve us and we’re not able to stop them even when we try. This is because these behaviours are responses to patterns embedded in our subconscious. I can help you let go of those behaviours and empower you to step into a new you.
Experienced in applying many techniques, I can help you access your subconscious mind, get it on your side and together we can rewire your brain to enable you to easily and quickly make the lasting changes that you choose. 
Rapid Transformational Therapy uses a unique blend of hypnotherapy and a range of other therapeutic methods to get significant changes for clients.
I am an approved Rapid Transformational Therapist, trained by Marisa Peer who developed Rapid Transformational Therapy. 

How I can help

Shining Your Light

What’s holding you back from living the life of your dreams? If you know there’s more but something is stopping you from being the You you know is inside you, come and see me to release and reset limiting beliefs you’ve acquired. Maybe you want more clarity around your life purpose, what passions you’re meant to be pursuing? Build your confidence, take that next step you’ve always wanted to!

Emotional & mental health

Finding yourself stressed, anxious, unproductive, lost, angry, resentful, jealous, depressed? Maybe something in your past has given you beliefs about the world that aren’t working for you now, and it’s time to let them go and replace them with empowering and inspiring beliefs. Watch with amazement as your outer world changes after your inner thoughts and habits change!

Physical health

Do you live in constant pain? Eat often to  fill a void? Have recurring physical symptoms it’s time to leave behind you? Have habits that no matter how hard you try you haven’t yet been able to let go of? The link between the beliefs you have formed and how your body works are now well-established in science. Using RTT® we can reset those beliefs so your body becomes healthier day by day.

What’s the process?

1. Free discovery call by zoom or phone

2. Your RTT® Session, a 2 hour hypnotherapy session uncovering the reasons you’ve been acting in ways you’re ready to leave behind, releasing those and creating your transformation recording

3. Daily listening to your recording for at least 21 days, I’ll check in with you by text or email

4. Coaching session by zoom or in person to celebrate your progress and evaluate your next steps

Getting Started is Easy

Book A Discovery Call

Book an appointment to start your inner transformation. We will start with a free 20 minute call to discuss the changes you’d like to make in your life. Please call with questions about any aspect of my work.

My Services

RTT & coaching sessions

Using different care packages, including RTT and coaching, you can release negative imprints and limiting beliefs formed earlier in life and be empowered to change quickly, easily and permanently. Online sessions are available now and be assured that they are just as powerful as in person sessions. Most issues can be significantly and permanently changed in 1-3 RTT® sessions.

Different packages are available for complex issues, or multiple issues that you may wish to work on.


Using my knowledge of the rules of the mind and developing empowering mindsets, I speak to groups about freeing yourself from limiting beliefs and shining your light. Talks range from growing confidence, managing anxiety, and succeeding in your endeavours to knowing your soul purpose.

I include my knowledge of our selves as physical, mental and emotional and spiritual beings in my talks, as appropriate given the audience.

Contact Me

Ask a question or book a free 20 minute discovery call here

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Strathmore Park, Wellington, NZ