Gabrielle Meech

Rapid Transformational Therapist

I’m fortunate to have had a very varied life, I often think of it as many lives in one life. I’ve loved my yoga practice for about 30 years now, and became a yoga teacher 13 years ago, and have meditated regularly for about 20 years. This led me to a lot of internal and self-growth work and over the last few years I have embraced many healing modalities. More recently, I found myself in a difficult place emotionally and mentally and turned to hypnotherapy to help me release some deeply etched patterns of thought and behaviour that were no longer serving me. I have been blown away by the results!

Seeing how successful hypnotherapy was in my own life, I was drawn to train in Rapid Transformational Therapy. I’m so pleased I have as each day I see its effects on my clients, leading them to finally live fully what they’ve been trying to do yet not succeeding,

I’ve had a wonderful succession of careers, so feel I can empathise with many paths in life. After studying, I became a corporate lawyer, working in Wellington, NZ, New York, NY, and London, UK. I traveled extensively before returning to NZ and volunteered in Dharamsala, India for TCHRD. I became General Counsel at a NZ public listed company. Then I had the joy of becoming a full-time mother and embracing the local Playcentre. This led to a passion for education which I fulfilled by first becoming a teacher aide and then retraining and working as a primary school teacher. I particularly love sharing yoga, breathing and wellbeing with students.

I’ve been married and divorced, and am a proud mother of three beautiful teenage daughters.

I love to be in nature, walking, swimming, relaxing, sharing time with friends and family. I’m passionate about learning about the mind, body and soul, and connecting through meditation and other ways with the Divine.


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  • Rapid Transformational Therapist
  • Yoga & Meditation Teacher
  • Wellbeing Speaker
  • Primary school teacher
  • Co-manager of Strathean Retreat Centre